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Not The Best Intel Month

So far, the 2018 has been catastrophic for Intel. Three major vulnerabilities were found in a very short span of time, and Intel team cannot catch up fast enough with the patching and the security updates. The newest one is from the 12th of Jan and disclosed by a Finnish Security Company (F-Secure). It uses […]

Modern security landscape, trends in malware and counteracting security controls

Malware is evolving constantly. The threat landscape is so dynamic that yesterday’s news is not news today. The malware business is a full-blown industry that can easily size up with the IT security industry. Recent major security breaches: NiceHash, the largest Bitcoin mining marketplace, has been hacked, which resulted in the theft of more than […]

New Ransomware on the loose

New extremely large Botnet is being built – Nicknamed IoTroop or IoT Reaper Remember Mira? The worm that prayed on unsecure IoT devices. It managed to spread and gain control using quite a simple method to gain entry – reusing the hard-coded or default password for IoT devices which were well-known by then, and the […]